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An Overview of Car Accidents during Test Drive


Who will be accountable for the accident? Whose insurance coverage will pay for the damages? These are some distinctive questions that arise concerning car accidents during a test drive. The number of car accidents during the test drive is significantly less frequent. But accidents are inevitable and unpredictable; as such, there can be a risk for car accidents during a test drive. This write-up presents an outline of what will happen if you encounter a car accident during a test drive.

Who will be accountable for the accident?

It is worth noting that no specific rules are governing the procedure for an accident during a test drive. The process for handling this type of car accident would be the same with other types of car accidents. As such, you should follow the same steps that you will follow after encountering a car accident. Some of the steps that you should take after a car accident include:

  • Remaining at the accident spot unless the police arrive.
  • Secure the spot from causing further accidents.
  • Exchange information with all parties involved in the crash.

However, if the accident was due to design defects or other related problems attributing to manufacturers, then you should maintain a record for evidence.

Whose Insurance will pay the Damages?

Answering this question will depend on the nature of the accident; however, here are some possibilities:

  • If the test driver is accountable for the accident, then the business owner will opt for a third-party claim with the driver insurance coverage.
  • The business owner will meet all expenses for the damage if the accident is not significant.
  • Your insurance coverage will come in handy if you are accountable for the car accident during the test drive.
  • If another party is responsible for the accident, then their insurance coverage will meet all losses. However, if the party at fault could not cover all expenses, then the business owner has to utilize its fleet insurance.